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HPH for DK

last shape for a little while. 6’10″x 22 3/4″x 3″

thanks to the cast and crew up on the hill at Bing. 

hellooo baaaby!

So stoked to be back at the factory after several weeks away.  In the shaping room, I’ve got  four different blanks, all favorites. Hmmmm, what is the flavor of the day. I love dilemas like this one. 

#mastsurfboards #bingandjacobs 

Mitch’s North!

I’m very pleased to announce that Mitch’s North will soon have a selection of my HPH/Simmons boards. If I could pick one shop in San Diego to place my boards, it would be Mitch’s. When I started shaping, it was Mitch that supplied everything I needed, no judgement, no hassles, no industry insider shenanigans. I’ll forever be grateful.

So stop in to Mitch’s North and see Loraine, Micah, Tony and the rest of the crew, for a legitimate old school surf shop experience.