EDB (every day board)

My go to board when I want to go long but don’t want a log. Similar in execution to the hillbilly hulls, just stretched beyond eight foot. 9’1″ is my favorite length. It’s long enough to walk but still can be surfed from knee high to well overhead. Rounded squash for summer, round pin for winter.

8 thoughts on “EDB (every day board)”

    1. the best way is to email me at knsmast@gmail.com

      I’ll be shaping again the first two weeks of September so now is a good time to discuss your order.

      If you are in the San Diego area you can stop in Surfindian and see several boards. While I’m in San Diego you can meet up with me and try anything in my personal stash (9’1″EDB, 7’11” hillbilly hull, 7’3″ malibu hull, 6’7″ mini simmons, 6’8″ arctail downrailer).



      1. Hey Steve,

        I actually saw your boards at the surfindian surfshop. I would love to try your boards. I surf at the shores but I can meet up. Please, let me know.


      2. I’ll be surfing north county (swami’s, pipes, beacons) during the week. Saturday, Sunday, Monday I’ll be at Tourmaline. Always in the morning as I work almost every day when I’m around. Give me heads up and we’ll get together. Thanks



    1. Thanks for the interest. I actually just flew in last night. I’d be happy to do an EDB for you this trip. I was going to make a stock one this trip anyway if you’re ready to pull the trigger. I’d need a $250 deposit and it can be for you. Otherwise, my next trip is in September and I can easily schedule it then if that’s more comfortable. Just holler at me at knsmast@gmail.com

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