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  1. aloha steve,

    need a price $$$ quote PlEaSe..

    10’x18.5×23.5×16.5x3x9.5 tail end
    FLAT rocker have picts. & board & to be doubed.
    orca sederholm

  2. Hey steve,
    i wanted a qoute on a 9’3″ longboard… Heather sent me your link and im glad she did! let me know what ya got..


  3. I am interested in a hull/simmons combo sort of thing. Pinched rails, Quad fin ,perhaps 5’5 x 22 x 2 3/4. I’ve ridden hulls quite a bit, a simmons only once, if this helps you. Pricing?

    1. I just did a 5’8″ twin, modified Simmons that could easily be done as a quad. Pricing has a lot to do with the bells and whistles that you care to add. Clear, gloss and polish or sanded gloss, with maybe fins 101 bamboo quads would run in the neighborhood of $730. Thanks for the interest. I’ll be in San Diego the first couple weeks of April. If you care to try my Simmons 6’7″ and have a look at the new 5’8″ that’s pictured on my website, contact me.

  4. Hi Steve,

    I am wondering if you have received the “classic” foam blank for the custom single fin EDB you are going to shape for me? How’s it going? Hope you are going to have some time for surfing, and hope to see you at the beach too!
    Of course I remain excited about the board. Hope to hear from you if I do not see you. Have a great day. Rob

  5. Hey Steve, I would like to see about ordering a HPH 67 clear gloss finish let me know the cost. I live in Ocean City MD. I’ll take care of the shipping from my end


    1. I have a 6’6″ HPH, single red cedar stringer, in volan 8×8(6) that is being finished right now at the factory. It has a gloss/polished top and a gloss/satin bottom. I can personally take care of it the second week of January or perhaps have the folks at Bing/Jacobs do it for me before I return to San Diego. I’d have to check with the factory for cost on packing. If you are not aware, the Channin factory has been taken over by Bing/Jacobs and so all of my old routines are changing.

      The retail on that particular HPH is $820. +Packing cost. (Used to be in the $30-40 range)

      I appreciate the interest. Did you see Mike Brown’s board? He’s from Boston.


      Steven Mast

    2. Oh sorry, if you want a clear 6×6(6) gloss/polish HPH it would be about $50 less. Sorry I cannot give you an exact price at this point because of the recent changes. I have not gotten any official price list from Bing yet, but am assuming a similar price structure as before with Channin. I could shape it in early January and ship as soon as it’s finished, probably late February/early March. Thanks.

  6. Steve, I’ll wait till you get back judt kick me an e-mail Feb -March works for me. we’re in 5-4-3 boots gloves and hood looking to ride the HPH in the spring…………..Thanks

    1. Emailed, but not sure if it went through. Am I still shaping an HPH for you this trip? I’ve got the blank ordered and can have it shipped by Bing/Jacobs when it’s complete. Please let me know at your earliest convenience.

  7. Hi,
    I would be grateful for some advice re displacement hulls. I’ve been surfing but on surf kayaks and then waveskis for quite a few years and have in the last 18 months moved onto a Mini Mal board. I’m now looking to change my 8ft mal to something with a bit more responsiveness. I’ve just been reading up on displacement hulls as there is one of yours for sale around here. As a previous sit down surfer, I’ve always needed to use the front rail to turn the boat/ski and then flip onto the back and use a paddle for more radical top turns. In terms of board surfing, I still tend to find myself riding from the front of the board with the consequence that I struggle to get back to turn from the back. Can you tell me whether a displacment hull would suit that sort of surfing or whether it’s going to be completely out of my league please? Thanks very much.


    1. Again, I’m no expert. I can only respond from my own experience. Greg Liddle style displacement hulls in the mid/low seven foot range or less work very well if you never step on the tail. Put your weight on your front foot, drive the rail down and the board turns. It’s an amazing feeling that a lot of surfers have a hard time achieving. When stepping from a thruster set up, where almost everything is rear foot oriented to a “hull”, which is front foot oriented, a huge adjustment in attitude and technique is required. A problem arises as length increases however. In my experience, once you go above the mid seven foot range, you can still surf from the front for most of the time, but more radical moves require a step back. Also if the board is a true Malibu style hull, it will not be very friendly/stable when surfed from the tail. But then if you want to surf from the tail, get a more conventional egg, you’ll be happier. My hillbilly hull is an attempt to bridge the gap between a true Malibu style “hull” and a bonzer style speed egg. I want the front foot driving style of a “hull” and the speed and projection of an bonzer/egg, and a bit more rear foot friendliness when I need it. They work well in less than perfect point style conditions. I also have a more traditional Malibu style board and often choose it when conditions are lined up and clean. My HPH also has a very hullish feel when surfed from the front foot, but has plenty of stability if you choose to weight the tail. The difference really comes down to whether you lean back and swing the front end around, or lean forward and drive it around.

  8. I’m a kook. I surf like Keanu Reeves if he never met Patrick Swayze. I live near Surf Indian and surf Tourmaline about 4 times a week. I started surfing a 9′ Iron Cross almost 3 years ago until I was given one of your boards as a gift in early October. She’s 7’6″ w/ glassed in quads, a limestone sand glossed bottom and a white polished top. Better surfers than me call her “kind of an egg shaped funboard… sick”. Basically I just wanted to say thank you, this board is way too cool for school. If you see her with me on the water be sure to say what’s up. I’d love to hear what she was designed for specifically. I found out the hard way she wasn’t designed for kooks to surf eight footers in Mexico (Don’t worry, no dings!). Anywho, thanks again, I love this board. Peas!

    1. Thanks for the note. That board was designed specifically for the type of surf you’ll probably find in San Diego. Nice wide tail for lots of planing and getting through sections on less than stellar waves. I make boards that I personally like to surf. I would take that board out at Tourmaline on almost any surfable day, from knee high to well overhead. It’s primarily designed as a summer board. For winter I would pull the tail a bit but that being said,I’ve surfed a similar template year round. I’d be a bit hesitant at a heavier, hollower break, but I don’t really surf a lot of those.

      I hope to see you in the water. I’d love to give that board a try as it’s the only one I’ve ever done with those Geppy/Frye quads.

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