boards for sale

at Bird’s Surf Shed

7’10” hillbilly speedster, coke bottle tint, single box SOLD

8’6″ big guy smoothie, (23 1/2″Wx 3 3/8″) volan, single box

10’04” glider, coke bottle tint, single box

10 thoughts on “boards for sale”

  1. wow.just saw the hph speedster”mexi blanket board at surf person..I had seen it on their website/blog but pictures cannot describe the beauty youve crafted.I want one jsut like it,but Im 210lbs 6″2…can you make one for a big guy whou dosent like to paddle alot?????

    1. I’ve got a 9’7 1/2″ with a “Beetle Juice”/jailbreak resin job top and bottom coming out of the factory this week. I’ll post a photo of it in progress on the blog today. Or I could shape something for you the beginning of May. Chris at Surfindian has one at this length. You should ask him about it. Compared to his, this one has a bit more scoop in the nose and 6×6(6) instead of volan. It’s 9’7 1/2″ x 23+ x 3 1/2”

  2. Hi did you sell the 8’2″ perfect size, I didn’t see on Surf Indian website. Shops close by, 8′ would be a good size too!

    1. As far as I know it’s still at the shop. They are a little slow with their web site updates. If I were you I’d call, or better yet stop in and see it in person. The photos really don’t do it justice. The glass job from Bing is stunning. Chris Rule is the owner and is my exclusive dealer in San Diego. I appreciate the interest. I really believe that the Simmons design concept is a great one that is long overdue for a comeback.

  3. Hey steven, how’s life?
    Overhere it’s busy, never a dull monent.
    Hope to here from you so we can talk a little on the mail.
    greetingz joost

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