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POKE aka Filthy. The band I’m with.

off time

Having a great trip. Up the coast to Mendo for an amazing gathering of the “wee folk”, the “good neighbors”, elves or whatever at the wedding of our good friends Chris and Rachel. Then on to gold rush country for my brother’s family, then on to Joshua Tree for my wife’s Mother’s and her sweet man.

Along the way we’ve been amazed and educated by good wine makers, enthralled by faerie, spanked by the Pacific, tested by a forty three year old vehicle and had a wonderful time. Back to Avalon this week and ready for Halloween (and our 18th wedding anniversary) in Kentucky. See you wherever.






guitar tweaks

Thanks to Darren Whitmer at Brown Forman Cooperage for the piece of scrap white oak. It came from a bourbon barrel stave destined for either Jack Daniels, Woodford Reserve, or Old Forester. It made the perfect block for my tremolo modification on my newly acquired St. Blues Bluescaster. This is one sweet guitar and I’m in the process of dialing it in. What could be better than a bourbon barrel stave for this project? American white oak!