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Busy, busy!

Experiencing some technical difficulties with my iPhone and WordPress, so no photos at this time.

Having a great trip so far. Thanks to all the folks who are making it impossible for me to keep up with my surfboard inventory. Stop in at Surfindian and see my latest HPH; 8’2″ with a stunning resin job by Jorge at Bing, up on the hill at the old Channin factory. Looks like a Mexican blanket is laminated into the deck. It is impossible for me to overstate the impact this color job has on first sight. Those guys certainly make me look good.

Doing some fun tattoos also, you all know who you are, and thanks for your patience and support. I’ll try to get some photos up soon.

Never thought it would happen to me!

Scammed by a roof and chimney contractor! Paid a deposit and after a few days of phone tag nothing until we went to the police. Then a call and a promise of repayment, but no love yet, See my new blog www.Martyhillroofripoff.wordpress.com for details.

This guy is my new hobby until I get my money back or he gets prosecuted. You could say I’m a little upset.