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Never thought it would happen to me!

Scammed by a roof and chimney contractor! Paid a deposit and after a few days of phone tag nothing until we went to the police. Then a call and a promise of repayment, but no love yet, See my new blog www.Martyhillroofripoff.wordpress.com for details.

This guy is my new hobby until I get my money back or he gets prosecuted. You could say I’m a little upset.

“old man”

So last week I get a carving board from Original Skateboards. The thing is so different from any skateboard I’ve ever had, starting with clay wheels in the early 70’s, that I hesitate to even call it a skateboard. Turns like no other. I’ve been skating around the neighborhood, getting the feel of it. It feels good to be skating around just for the fun of it again.

Anyway, I’ve gotten two memorable compliments.

“You are the coolest old man I’ve ever seen!” yelled from a window of a passing car by a cute girl.

My first thought was “right on!” then,……. OLD MAN?

A couple days later…    “I’ve never seen an old man, on a skateboard, with that many tattoos… cool….  right on… you’re a legend!” yelled by a young man as I skated past on the Newport flood wall. Once again, cool, then,….. OLD MAN?

Well I’m just not sure what to think,… but I’m still gonna go skate today.