Getting settled in.

Pretty scary getting started. When I dumped out each package of thousands of bees I have to admit my heart rate shot up pretty high. But I got them in their hives without one sting. But it was hard not to freak out. So now all the little sisters are getting used to their new digs.


Two, three pound packages of Italians arrived this morning along with two Russian queens. It’s rainy and cold today so they are spending time in the basement until tomorrow afternoon when it is supposed to be sunny and warmer. I’ll keep you posted on my installation tomorrow.

a three pound package of honey bees


Chris and his crew at Surfindian have expanded and are opening the old Star Surfing Co. space as a new, high end board shop. I have the pleasure and honor of being in the lineup there. Other shapers/labels you may have heard of include, Skip Frye, Donald Takayama, Pauk Strauch Jr., Tyler, Hydrodynamica (Richard Kenvin/Carl Ekstrom), and Michael Miller. That is one intimidating lineup, but I am stoked out of my mind to be included. Look for a Surfindian/mast surfboards collaboration in the future.