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coming soon!

working at the factory now:

7’2″ HPH speedster (hydrodynamic planing hull/Simmons), done in 6oz volan, with Calvani/Bing keels

9’1″ EDB (every day board), done in 6oz volan with a single box

and for my own enjoyment and education a mildly asymmetric HPH at 6’8″ (plus or minus) with Mitsven keels and a special “fatigued” resin job by Bing/Adam

contact me for availability and prices, or look for them at Surfindian when they’re ready.

short trip

Heading out soon for my March trip to San Diego. Mostly shaping this trip. Last trip, I had a few down days, so this time I only booked ten days instead of my normal two weeks. Of course as soon as I did, I got jammed up with orders. As a result I’m shaping every day except one, and that one I’m tattooing at Avalon Tattoo in beautiful Pacific Beach. I should have time to do a few new stock boards for Chris and Masa at Surfindian. Stop in and check them out. I look forward to seeing all of my friends in the water.

Boards on the way!

Along with the boards for Holly,Patricia and Jeremy, which are all coming along nicely at the Bing factory, are a few new boards destined for Surfindian.

6’0″ HPH beaked downrailer, Geppy #2’s, cool polka dot smoke on clear resin job from Bing, polished gloss top and bottom.

6’7″ HPH Speedster (what I ride), Geppy #2’s, black/smoke/clear band progression resin job from Bing, gloss and polish top and bottom.

7’7″ Cali Fun Gun (semi-gun), single box, blue/grey 50/50 resin job from Bing, satin gloss top and bottom. Winter is coming!

All boards will be showing up at Surfindian soon unless you snag them from me first. Thanks