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Boards on the way!

Along with the boards for Holly,Patricia and Jeremy, which are all coming along nicely at the Bing factory, are a few new boards destined for Surfindian.

6’0″ HPH beaked downrailer, Geppy #2’s, cool polka dot smoke on clear resin job from Bing, polished gloss top and bottom.

6’7″ HPH Speedster (what I ride), Geppy #2’s, black/smoke/clear band progression resin job from Bing, gloss and polish top and bottom.

7’7″ Cali Fun Gun (semi-gun), single box, blue/grey 50/50 resin job from Bing, satin gloss top and bottom. Winter is coming!

All boards will be showing up at Surfindian soon unless you snag them from me first. Thanks



new, new, new and new!



I’ve got four new boards at Surfindian in beautiful Pacific Beach, San Diego. Stop in and check them out or contact the store for shipping anywhere.

6’1″ HPH speedster quad, cool fall color Mexican blanket resin job, fins 101 bamboo canard quad glass ons, polished gloss

6’7″ HPH speedster, deep aqua tail dip w/ smoke stripe, Geppy keels, polished gloss

7’6″ hillbilly quad, moss green bottom tint, Geppy/Frye quad glass ons, sanded gloss

9’7″ HPH, jailbreak/beetlejuice resin job top and bottom, Geppy keels, polished gloss

Photos soon.