hillbilly hull

my attempt to blend the smooth front foot drive of a Greg Liddle style hull with the fast  effortless trim and glide of a Skip Frye egg. I used to call these little fried eggs. Lots of belly forward for soft entry and that hullish feel then concave to deep double to get that Lindsay Lord/Bob Simmons turbo planing hull effect.

13 thoughts on “hillbilly hull”

  1. What would be your length recomendation for a hillbilly hull for me -a 6’1″ SD soul surfer of apx 200lbs(inc wetsuit)? I would like to be able to surf HBH any time of year, from knee high to overhead surf.


    1. I’m 5’11” and about 170, 50 years old. My personal hillbilly hulls now are 7’3″ for most days. It’s difficult to say without knowing you, but I’d say either side of 7’6″ would be good. Much longer and they start loosing their “hullish” tendencies. Check Surfindian in Pacific Beach. I think Chris still has a seven something hillbilly quad with a sweet set of Frye template Geppy’s. Thanks for the interest.

  2. Robert, I am 150, and ride a 7’6″ but would like a 6’0″, didn’t think it was gonna paddle this well. Regardless, you have to just ride one first and then you will know what size. You can get in early or late. Plenty of drive and glide. Super fun board even on the smallest 2 foot days at the Shores but when you get it on a nice sized open wave it’s magic. Oh man I wanna surf now. By the way, thanks Mr. Mast I love my HBH.

  3. I am a surfing a hull designed by Blair by its showing its years. How much for one done in volan with a orange resin tint?

    1. Neighborhood of $760 depending. That’s for volan (5 1/2 or 8oz) sanded/satin gloss or polished gloss, single box. Color tints add $50 a side. Thanks for the interest. For a true Liddle style look at my Malibu. For a more Frye-ish bottom contour/San Diego style look to my hillbilly hull.

  4. Hi steve, i’m 5,9 and 160, longboard all my life, i’m originally from chile were i spent time from dec- april, triying to get one of your boatds for this trip, hillbilly hull around 7,6, appreciate in advance some info on how to get one shape or were i can find them!!!!

    1. Thanks for the interest. I have a 7’6 1/2″ hillbilly hull with mild bottom contours (hillbilly gentleman?) being glassed right now. It’s being finished in 6oz volan, fin box, gloss and polish. If you are interested in this board let me know. Otherwise my next shaping dates will likely be in January. Thanks again.

  5. Been riding Liddles for 25 years. I have 2 Fryes.. Can you shape a Hull with the features of a Frye Glide? Hence Hill Billy Hull


    1. That’s what the hillbilly hull design thread is all about. I used to call them little fried eggs. I’ve been working on blending the two concepts for over ten years. I’ve done them from pretty pure Malibu style to pretty true San Diego (Frye) style and every combination in between. The perfect blend depends on your preference and surf conditions. The Malibu (Liddle) style is amazing as long as the waves are lined up. The San Diego style excels in less than perfect conditions where glide and projection are critical. My typical hillbilly hull (under 7’4″) can be surfed forward like a Liddle but still project off the bottom and not get too squirrelly off the tail. I still keep a full Liddle style board handy for when the surf is clean and lined up, because nothing is quite like that smoothie feel, but when I need real speed, I go to a more Frye-ish blend (aka hillbilly hull). The longer hillbillies are typically more like Frye eggs.

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