guitar tweaks

Thanks to Darren Whitmer at Brown Forman Cooperage for the piece of scrap white oak. It came from a bourbon barrel stave destined for either Jack Daniels, Woodford Reserve, or Old Forester. It made the perfect block for my tremolo modification on my newly acquired St. Blues Bluescaster. This is one sweet guitar and I’m in the process of dialing it in. What could be better than a bourbon barrel stave for this project? American white oak!



Old world craftsmanship

It’s gratifying to see real craftsmen still at work in this country. My wife and I were treated to a tour of the only distillery owned cooperage in the US today, the Brown-Forman cooperage. The operations manager, Darren gave us a great look into a working cooperage. Most of the barrels are headed for Jack Daniels with the balance going to Woodford Reserve and Old Forester. Thanks to Darren at the plant and Michelle from Republic.