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Sticky goodness!

My first honey harvest. This being my girl’s first year, I didn’t want to be greedy. The first nectar flow came and went. Then the second. You may be able to see the very light honey from the first, and the very dark from the second. I took two frames from each hive assuming they’ll need to keep most of it for the end of summer. Already gave away three jars and still have these left. Also got a nice chunk of wax in the bargain. I’m trying to take only true excess in order to let the bees have their own food for the winter. In the spring I’ll see what’s left, harvest that and start over.

Getting settled in.

Pretty scary getting started. When I dumped out each package of thousands of bees I have to admit my heart rate shot up pretty high. But I got them in their hives without one sting. But it was hard not to freak out. So now all the little sisters are getting used to their new digs.