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I’ll keep ’em coming

My beloved beast of a ride for a while. I have to say I’m much happier with my “68 VW bus. Smaller truck, smaller headaches. Room for a few boards and my tired body to lay down. It’s really all I need.

new boards

Well the new HPH for Joe should be ready. I also did a hillbilly hull with a new twist. Instead of belly-single concave-double concave, I kept the concave single on through the tail. After riding my HPH i thought perhaps the single would hold more water for even more drive. It’s got a Fins 101 bamboo hull fin designed by John at Mitch’s North and will feature a pond scum green tint. Should be interesting.

I also still have a couple hillbilly hulls at The Pod Room. Check ‘em out next time you’re in Oceanside.