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introducing the 8’5″ EDB “garbage picker”

this is a new EDB variant that I shaped with Sunset Cliffs in mind, particularly North Garbage. Consider the paddle out to the line up. It sure is nice to have something that glides. Once you’re out though, it’s nice to be on something other than a log to take advantage of the quality of the surf. And remember the feeling of hearing “OUTSIDE” and knowing that you have to cover some ground, FAST. I feel this is the perfect combination of traits for the Cliffs. I could envision catching anything from knee high inside sliders in the summer, to outside double overhead bombers on this thing. Can’t wait to try it out. Available soon at Bird’s.

8'5" garbage picker IMG_1689

Boards, boards, boards

New boards at Surfindian in Pacific Beach. Stop in and check out all of the great art, clothes, DVDs, fins and all kinds of other cool stuff.

6’8″ arctail downrailer, color by Cody

7’6″ miho hillbilly hull, beautiful resin tint, fuller nose, round pin

7’11” hillbilly hull/glider, pond scum resin tint, fins 101 bamboo flex fin, SPEED!