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introducing the lima bean!

Coming soon to Bird’s Surf Shed, the lima bean, a short, extra curvy HPH variant for generating speed on those small mushy days we all love so much.





progressing nicely

The guys up on the hill are really moving these along. Look for them at Mitch’s North soon. HPH’s (hydrodynamic planing hull/Simmons) in 5’6″ clear, 5’10” light olive, and 6’4″ caramel.


three more on the way!

Well, another trip is on the books and after a nice trip to the high desert and a day at Avalon Tattoo hurting people, I finally had time to do three stock boards. They’re going through right now up on the hill at Bing.


the list:

7’2″ Malibu/SD hull, 6 oz volan, single box, sanded gloss

7’9 1/2″ hillbilly hull, rnd squash, blue grey tint, single box, gloss and polish

9’0″ EDB, rnd squash, burnt orange tint, single box, gloss and polish