fresh 7’3″ hillbilly hull

fresh from the extremely capable hands of the boys up on the hill (Bing and Jacobs), a new very light olive hillbilly hull.

7’3″x22″x2 3/4″

Somebody better claim it before I do. I’ve got one just like it back in Cincinnati for East Coast trips, but I sure miss it.


5 thoughts on “fresh 7’3″ hillbilly hull”

  1. Turn around time? 8’0″? Approximate cost? Turn around time? Beach break friendly?? (Huntington/ Newport area.). Beautiful outline!!

    1. Hi Laird, turn around is about six weeks these days, I could certainly do an 8’0″ of that outline. I’ve got an 8’5″ “garbage picker” EDB at bird’s that is essentially the same shape. Cost depends on bells and whistles. Basic clear, gloss and polish, would be approximately $740. Resin color adds about $45 per side. Rocker is adjustable. I typically shape for San Diego reef breaks but a bit more rocker would certainly make it beach break friendly. My 7’3″ works very well in beach break. Thanks for the interest.

  2. Steve,
    Love the shape of this board. Will you have it in your van to check out at Tourmo?
    Dave (pelican tattoo)

    1. Sorry, i brought that one to the beach and it sold to the first guy I showed it to. Bird has a similar shape in about 6’6″ as I recall that you can get a look at.

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