New Arrivals at Corduroy!

new boards at Corduroy

Safe and sound. Corduroy now has:

7’2 3/4″ Malibu style hull, volan, wet sanded gloss, single Bahne box. A real fun board to just stand in the middle and carve to your hearts content. A little more forgiving from the tail to boot.

7’11” hillbilly glider, 6×6(6), pond scum green bottom/clear top, Fins 101 bamboo glass on, gloss and polish. One of my fastest shapes. Get in early, and GO! The biggest waves I’ve ever surfed have been on mine, but I’ve had a blast gliding into them at knee high as well. A bit of a handful at the beach breaks unless you’re used to a longboard.

East Coast email

Received this forward from Tyler and Jim at Corduroy Surf Boutique in Portland, Maine. They sold this 5’7″ HPH speedster for me last week. Always a treat to get positive feedback. Of course the East Coast has been going off so they’re all smiling.

Dear Tyler and team-
My brother Kevin, who picked up the mini-simmons from you last week, is still at the coast . . . and absolutely loving the MS. I got a couple days in with him, and it was amazing to watch the board’s versatility! Sometimes he was paddling in and meandering lines like a longboarder, other times tucking right into steep ones with speed! I might take the next one you get in… I have to admit– I was skeptical– a bizarre looking board– that appears to be pretty incredible. Kevin is grinning.

On the Way!

The last batch of my boards is going through Channin’s right now. As you may know, Bing is taking over the helm up on the hill. Coming soon:

6’5″ HPH, volan, two red cedar sticks, two Mitsven keels, polished top/sanded gloss bottom

6’7″ HPH Speedster, double stringer, Mitsven keels, sanded gloss/clear (maybe for sale)

6’2″ beaked arctail quad, fins 101 bamboo canard quads (maybe for sale)

9’1″ EDB winter rnd pin, orange tint, gloss and polish, for Joe

9’5″ “it’s a f@#^&#g nose rider” for Aquilino, clear, wet sanded gloss