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Another one bites the dust!

Well I’m back in Kentucky and looking forward to seeing my boards from this past trip completed by the uncommonly skilled craftsmen at Channin Precision Fiberglassing. It’s such a pleasure and honor to have my boards built by the crew there.

Boards for this trip include

7’0″ morning of the earth type single fin diamond tail, eggplant tint, yellow glass on and pins for Joe (thanks very much Joe)

8’4″ HPH double red cedar stringers, volan, beautiful deco keels made by Rick at Mitsven for Takashi (arigato!)

two 9’6″ gliders. One for Jay at slidermag.com, grey tint, and one for Paula, lovely deep turquoise (thanks to both of you)

11’1″ glider, triple red cedar stringer, purple tint for Takashi (domo arigato)

Hopefully I’ll get some photos before they all go away.

Kentucky by the Sea

Frisco Pier. People were out in full winter suits. Air temp 60*, water 73*. I thought it was gonna be cold! People were talking about how it’s gotten cold It felt practically tropical. San Diego was like 67 when I left last and people were stoked it was still so warm. Maybe six guys in the water, decent vibe. Shoulder to head high lefts and occasional rights. I’ve never scored so early and easily while travelling before.