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I’m blushing

Here’s what Brian Baker from CityBeat magazine had to say.

First up on my MidPoint rounds on a gorgeous Friday evening (did you see that sunset?) was a swing by Artworks for a little Poke … and there was a band there! I love that joke. Almost as much as I love Poke. This could turn into an endless loop, so I’ll jump out by saying that Poke serves up garage boogie Americana with a whole lot of hill and just a little billy, sort of a Southern Culture on the Skids workout without the stereotypical southern culture. As always, Poke was full throttle, hauling out a tune from their Filthy McNasty days and another so fresh from the process that bassist Julie Judge had to take a few seconds to recall the opening riff, but once she worked it out, they were off and blazing. Tom Judge was super styling in his black top hat with faux leopard hatband and the Judges and the rest of their band (guitarist Justin Lynch, drummer Aimee Huber, guitarist/lapsteeler Steve Mast) threw down a tangy, twangy groove that slammed like Punk and slithered like Rockabilly. Hey, guys, isn’t it just about time for that sophomore album?