New 7’5″ Malibu/SD hull




This one is for the Paducah kid, you know who you are (Rich) (not you angry Rich). It’s a hybrid of a full Malibu hull with some concave running out the back for San Diego (as in not perfect point breaks). The rails are as knifey as it gets and it is oh so foiled. Coming soon to Surfindian, unless someone claims it first.

2 thoughts on “New 7’5″ Malibu/SD hull”

  1. Hey Steve! Surprised by your message…Paducah Kid…that’s good. I’ve surfed on nothing but the 8’2″ Challenger since showing it to you at T. I’m so stoked on this old board. Trimming and connecting sections effortlessly with so much speed. Hulls are so fast. I’ll stop and check out this Malibu/SD hull. It looks sweet! Is it finished? Last couple of sessions i’ve headed north so not sure if you’re still here or back in the hills, anyway, Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!!!

    1. Back in Ky for now. Last I saw, the board was on Margaret Yao’s facebook as her “view from the office today” photo shot. Next would be gloss then rub out, so soon. Have a nice holiday.

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