Too Crazy!

Well it’s been a whirlwind of a trip. Starting with a paddle out for Hadji, a beautiful wedding in Fallbrook, my nephew flying in to hang out, a weekend of tattooing, six boards shaped in five days, more tattooing, and now another board or two. My head is spinning. I’ll post some photos soon, but now I’m gonna go to sleep.

4 thoughts on “Too Crazy!”

  1. Hi Steve,

    Glad to hear things are going well for you and your so busy. I very much appreciated you calling me and spending time going over the design features, and am grateful to have you be able to shape it during this trip to San Diego. Have you shaped my EDB longboard yet or is it one of the last. Take your time and shape a beauty. I’m excited and looking forward to seeing and test driving your innovative board design for this single fin EDB longboard. Please let me know when the shaped blank is going to the glassers, so I can track its progress. Hope you have had some time to surf and get some well earned rest too. Steve try to send me a short note about the board. Thanks, Robert

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