rust belt reality

Living in the Midwest has some interesting advantages. The view from here gives one a perspective not easily achieved from either coast. This is the middle, the heart, the soul of this country. What happens here doesn’t stay here, it migrates. Decay and creation, yin and yang, rich and poor.

4 thoughts on “rust belt reality”

  1. Great summary of the Midwest. I’m here right now, seeing how the cities seem to be turning to rust, or trying to shine again. Fascinating environment, and I think your photo really sums it up.

  2. Fascinating! I have never had the chance to check the midwest out with any level of intimacy. If you ever come east to surf Jersey, check in. We will show you around and share some waves.

    Nice blog adding a link. Holla.


    1. Thanks Matt. I’m flying out to San Diego Monday night and can’t wait to get in the water. I’m struggling to stay in shape. At forty nine, it’s not easy to keep my chops when I’m away six weeks at a time. Looking forward to the grand opening of the Surfindian board shop. Chris Rule, the owner, has been a supporter of my shapes for a quite some time. I’m very lucky to be in the limited line up along with Skip Frye, Donald Takayama, Carl Ekstrom (hydrodynamica w/RK), Tyler, and Paul Strauch. Can’t say what the future holds but definitely some east coast trips are in the offing. New Hampshire in August maybe, and Outer Banks in November if things work out. I have friends in New York as well so may end up in your neck of the woods. Thanks again.

      1. Enjoy getting in the water. Those weeks in between sessions must be great inspiration for your shaping. If you do come to NY give a shout. I would totally meet up with your crew and grab a few with you.

        Great to see you spreading the stoke. I will be checking in for sure.


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