Mahalo Hawaiian Surf Club of San Onofre

Hawaiian Surf Club of San Onofre Christmas Party

I would like to extend my gratitude to my friend Kai for his invitation to join the Hawaiian Surf Club of San Onofre for their Christmas party. The event was held at the Surfing Heritage Foundation and was a nice family style get together. Great company, good food and music and a warm holiday vibe.

with Paul Strauch Jr.

I had the honor and pleasure of meeting Paul Strauch Jr. there. Surrounded by all of the historic boards there and then talking to Paul about them, I could not help feeling the flow of surf history, past to present. Quite a treat.

3 thoughts on “Mahalo Hawaiian Surf Club of San Onofre”

  1. hi ! i am from argentina and i want to know if u know something about the surfboards “hawaiian club” i have one that it is incredible but i need to know about this one. please tell me if u know something. thank you and have a good day

  2. Ey Steve don’t thank me thank you for and your lovely wife are full of aloha spirit your always welcomed at any of hsc events .you truly are a great shaper and a gentle person I never forget.the true measure of a man is how how he treats others who can’t do anything to him or for him.I wish and want all the best always your friend Kai.

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