Quote of the day

An ignorant person is one who doesn’t know what you have just found out.

Will Rogers


it’s a wonderful life

In the shaping room today, working. I’m listening to my usual shaping mix, jazz, classical, Tom Waits, old 97’s. Up comes a selection from the Dee Felice Big Band the “Jazzmanian Devils”, Live at the Club. I tended bar the night it was recorded. What a night! Reminded me what a great life I’ve had, and what awesome people I’ve had the pleasure and honor of associating with. Many of you are on that list. Thank you.

long day

Up at 3:45am EST, flight at 6:00am EST (3:00 PST), arrive San Diego, shuttle to downtown, Coaster to Encinitas, ride from a friend (thanks Sam) to my bus in Leucadia (thanks Ronan/Jen), to the bank to get cash and deposit check (thanks Tyler/James- Corduroy), up to the factory to pick up boards (thanks Matt/Margaret-Bing/Jacobs) and drop off cash, drop off boards at Surfindian in PB (thanks Chris), meet friend in Hillcrest to deliver new board (thanks Jack), eat burrito and have a beer (thanks Stone), write this. Damn! I’m tired. Time to crash (thanks Jacek/Caroline)