IMG_1428 IMG_1273I have been a professional tattooist since 1989. Honestly that is how I still make most of my living. It allows me to shape the boards I want, only the boards I want.

I currenltly work at Avalon Tattoo for a couple weeks every other month. The rest of my tattooing is done at Designs by Dana in Cincinnati, Ohio.




11 thoughts on “TATTOOS”

  1. HI Steve,

    Right now I’m looking around at different artists in the SD area for my first tattoo – and I really wanted to tell you that your work is pretty amazing. Are you going to be at Avalon between now (11/11/09) and the end of December?


    1. I’ll be at Avalon December 4,6,7,11 and 13 from noon to eight. Please stop by. I’m currently booked, but never know who might no show or cancel. My next trip will be in February. Thanks

  2. hi there steve i have been wanting to get a tattoo and i heard only great things about you and your work so was wondering if I could send u a pic of what I had in mind to see if u could give me a price estimate, my bday is thursday the 15th of this month so was wondering if there was any way to get in on thursday if thats possable. If you could email me back that would be really great. to Tell me know if that’s possible. Thank you very much.

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